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Cacao Nostalgia

My fiancée Perla and I have fond memories of our times in the Dominican Republic.

When I was a young boy, the walk home from school took my friends and I passed groves of
cashew trees. We would stop for a snack, getting the juice from the cashew fruit on our clothes in the process.

Meanwhile, Perla would frequent her family's cacao farm, learning the intricacies of cocoa and its magical transformation into chocolate.  

As a self-taught chocolatier, Perla recognized early on the benefits of offering one of life’s great culinary combinations—chocolate and nuts. 

Since immigrating to the United States (and meeting Perla not long after), I've longed to share our childhood experiences in a meaningful way.

Cacao is our vision for sharing these memories with the Greater Boston community and beyond.

Stop by for a snack and say hello—we’d love to meet you. 


 Leo Baez & Perla Rosario

Taste. Remember. Forever.

The Best Hot Chocolate in Boston

by Lloyd Mallison and Scott Kearnan. (2019)

''Interrupt your afternoon errands in Jamaica Plain for a cup of hot cocoafrom this new sweets shop. Co-owners Leo Baez and Perla Rosario add adash of cinnamon to their blend of specialty dark chocolate and milk, as anod to the signature spiced hot chocolate drink of their native Dominican Republic. With or without whipped cream, Cacao’s version is finished withflakes of fresh dark chocolate on top.''

- Published in Boston Magazine.